No doubt about it, Nigeria as a country is a theatre of drama, at the point of recovering from one national issue, another one springs up with it spreading across the nation like a wild fire.

Just as any other day, the 9th of January started with the plan of a protest by LAUTECH students to register their feelings and grievances about the closure of their school since June 2016 with no single inkling about when the school will be opened.

The planned protest was scheduled to hold in Oyo State Capital in Ibadan and it was expected to terminate at the Government house in Agodi Ibadan with the hope of having an inkling when their days of rusting at home will be over but the unexpected happened.

Protest is not a new thing in this part of the world, it has been one of the means by which Nigerian masses maximizes the opportunity at their disposal to show their grievances and register their feelings to any issue in the society that centre around their welfare  but the way this one that happened in Governor’s house Agodi Ibadan turned out to become a trending issue across the length and breadth of every media space is something someone cannot overlook.

It is a pointer to the dearth of good leadership and governance African nations have been known for.

How can a sitting governor be so ignorantly arrogant to the extent of expecting goodwill and respect from students whose destinies have been on a spot for eight months without an idea when their school will be reopened for academic activities.


No doubt about it, with the happening on the 9th of January, LAUTECH students are in for a long walk to freedom because the protest ended in stale mate with Governor Ajimobi show of dictatorship and tyranny.

Governor Ajimobi goofed in all ramification with utterances that triggers and confirmed hopelessness about the future of our great country.

In the video made available online,someone might conclude that Governor Ajimobi was a little bit tipsy on something that resembles substance or alcohol. Even, the Military era in Nigeria are not remembered for being despotic in their utterances but it is quite unfortunate that Governor Ajimobi embarrassed himself by claiming to be a constituted authority who has the power to owe salaries for months and power to close down  schools without minding whose ox is gored.

As if this is not enough, Governor Ajimobi’s daughter poured fuel into the naked burning fire ignited by her arrogant dad by being gullible and shallow in describing the students on her instagram page as generation of “mannerless children” This can be viewed as the highest form of abberation to what is expected from a sane society that uphold in high esteem the tenets of good leadership.

It is quite appalling that African Society is far from getting the concept of leadership right. A leader that cannot understand the plight of the followers and look for a way to calm them down in the midst of extreme grievances is not worthy to be called a leader.

It is until when a stop is put to the misconception of seeing the post of leadership as an opportunity for the show of ego and pride that African society will be free from backwardness and underdevelopment the black continent is known for.


It is pertinent to know that every leader is empowered for service not for status and servitude. No matter the evective and tantrums thrown at you by your subordinates and followers, a leader is expected to have a shock absorber that can subside the rave of the moment not that your daughter or your relatives will be bold and buoyant enough to peddle in executive affairs.

The quality of leadership is at par with the quality of followership. The electorates wasted their time under the rain or sun in casting their votes for people that will end up turning themselves into dictators and emperor with their ability in gagging the teeming masses from speaking the truth.

Truth is better but a bitter pill to swallow. Some of our so called executive governors and leaders are not worth the while, they are just like any of the tout we see on the street on a daily basis but if not for our gullibility in giving them our mandate, many of these people are not worthy to represent us in any way.

This is a lesson for every Nigerian. The period of electioneering should not be a period of jamboree in any manner, it should be a period of deep and sober reflection that should accommodate deep thought about the would be politician that will have the plight of the teeming Nigerian masses in mind not those ones that are all out for personal aggrandisement and gains.

Without mincing word,Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State should endeavour to apologise to the students of LAUTECH for being insensitive and unconcerned to their plight.


This is clear description and confirmation of insensitivity on the corridor of power.

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  • Very well said. In fact the state house should impeach him for poor leadership. Their own is too much in this country

    • He is not to be blamed.If not for politics,who is he?
      All of them played on the ignorance of the teeming populace by cajoling them with sophistry and gimmicks in order for them to get people mandate.
      We are all waiting for the next election.