I kept wondering and pondering over the extreme display of inhumanity a young guy nicknamed “PRETTY MIKE” was alleged to have committed against his fellow human being.

This is beyond what is expected from a human being that is believed to be enlightened and knows what he is doing mentally.

Without any iota of doubt,with the crime committed by this guy that is alleged to be a crime against humanity, one could easily concluded that humanity is still far from being  freed from the shackles of slavery that has been in existence some century ago.

Though,apartheid and slavery has been banished all over the world but from the recent happenning really confirmed that though civilization and westernilisation has not taken over the mindset of many people.Many people are still musing over the thought of living in the paleolithic age whereby human being are leased out into slavery without any feeling.

It is appalling and disheartening that this form of inhumanity is happening in our country at this moment that centre around gender abuse.

How can a human be in chain like a dog?

Is this the right manner to display affluence and power?

What exactly is the state of the mind of EZE NWALIE NWOGU aka PRETTY MIKE?

What is pretty in this barbarism that is exhibited by him?

Is it youthful exuberance or foolishness?

Who adviced him to take such a step that boil down to wickedness?

I think arresting him should not be an end in itself but a means to an end.

Concerned authority should subject him to psychological observation and deep psycho analysis to know whether he is mentally apt and stable because he should be seen as a bomb and a canon that can keep our society in Topsy turvy at anytime.


This is simply apartheid against humanity and a slap on the face of every woman that believed in the dignity of women folks.

However,the bunch of the blame should not be on him alone,the two ladies that agreed to be chained should be arrested and prosecuted for being a bad example to others in the society .Just for the sake of making money, how can a full fledge lady descend so low to be treated as a slave?

This is embarrassing and unacceptable. This should be frowned against by everyone who believe in the building of a society that accommodates and respect the dignity of all its inhabitants.

There is a need to urgently erase the inordinate quest for money and materialism from the mind  of youth in this generation by all means.Youth of this generation that ought to be the custodian of the future are seen living in denial and defiance of what is expected in a sane society.

Every hands must be on deck to salvage our society from the grip of men that have nothing good and reasonable in their coffers to offer this generation at all.

No to violence against women.

No to domestic abuse.

No to gender inequality.

No to injustice, insecurity and inhumanity.

No to apartheid against humanity.




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