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2016 GLO-CAF AWARDS [LIVE from Abuja]

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Live broadcasting started on 05/01/2017 19:31 and was finished on 05/01/2017 22:08

  • 20:31 pm
    National Team of the Year Award. The nominees are:
    DR Congo
    Guinea Bissau
    Nigeria U-23
  • 20:30 pm
    back to the awards
  • 20:30 pm
    Mane has been a revelation no doubt. And Algerian Riyad Mahrez contributed in Leicester making history last year. However, in terms of individual performance, I give it to Pierre.
  • 20:29 pm
    Just take a look at the Bundesliga log. See who is on top of the scorer's chart. I will be very surprised if he doesn't win the award back to back tonight. No one can stop him from scoring, not even Bayern Munchen.
  • 20:26 pm
    In 2015 the battle was between Aubameyang of Gabon, Yaya Toure and Andre Ayew. Aubameyang went home with the trophy in what many saw as an upset -- not me.
  • 20:25 pm
    That's like 14 years ago.. wow!!
  • 20:24 pm
    Actually it was in 2003 -- Jay Jay Okocha.. pheeew!
  • 20:23 pm
    I don't know if I'm old enough to remember. Was it Okocha in 1998? Wikipedia will help
  • 20:22 pm
    So let's talk about the Africa Player of the Year nominations. When last did a Nigerian make the final shortlist?
  • 20:21 pm
    At this rate, guest and those watching allover the continent and beyond must be wondering what function they are really attending.
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  • Congrats Nigeria! We need to get back to winning the most coveted award(POTY), 1999 is too long ago, goes to show how our football management deteriorated. But I have fate in this young players coming up, likes of Iwobi, Iheanacho, Moses e.t.c.