Prophecy involves a process in which one or more messages are allegedly communicated to a prophet by a god or spirit and often are then communicated to other people. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation or revelation of events to come ( compare divine knowledge) .

Prophecy is not limited to any culture. It is a common property to all known ancient societies around the world,some more than others.Many systems and rules about prophecy have been proposed over several millennia.

The declarations of prophetic messages cut across many religion in existential all over the world. BahaiFaith,Buddhism,Hidduism,Christianity,Islam,Judaism and a host of others are known to have prophetic declarations and utterances as part of their religious creed.


The new testament refers to prophecy as one of the spiritual gifts given by the indwelling of Holy Spirit –Romans 12 verse 6.From this,many Christians believed that the gift of prophecy is the supernatural ability to receive and convey a message from their God.

The purpose of the message may be”to edify,exhort and comfort “the members of the church.In this context,not all prophecies contain predictions about the future. The Apostle Paul teaches in 1st Corinthians that prophecy is for the benefit of the whole church and not just for individuals exercising the gift—1st Corinthians 14 verse 22.

According to WALTER BRUEGGEMANN,the task of prophetic (christian) ministry is to nuture,nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception alternative of the dominant culture.A recognised form of christian prophecy is the “the prophetic drama”which Frederick Dillistone describes as a “metaphorical conjunction between the present situation and future events”

In Nigeria, it is quite baffling with the streams and arrays of prophetic declarations that accompany this year but the differential in the context and contents of the prophecies seems to be worrisome and quite questionable.

Since we serve and worship one sovereign God,one should know and expect that the messages,utterrances and declarations from God by any prophet or man of God should be thesame or almost thesame and if there is going to be a differential,the differential should at least confirm other declarations from other men of God since we all make reference to thesame bible and thesame God.


Releasing prophetic utterances has become a religious ritual and culture across the length and breadth of our country. Is it compulsory and true that God must speak to all men of God at thesame time of the year?This is fallacious and an attempt to con and swindle many innocent gullible children of God who have eyes but they cannot see and ears that has stopped hearing.

Now prophetic offices in Nigeria can be easily classified into categories viz:

1.Prophecy of doom and panic.

2.Prophecy of marriage.

3.Prophecy of Politics and Election

4.Prophecy of football victory

Prophets of doom and panics are known to declare whether a President will live or die. They are on increase now delivering whether President Muhammadu Buhari will live or die just like the one made in a couple of years by a prophet that our former Late President will survive a particular terminal disease but at the end,the prophecy did not see the light of the day.Late President Yaradua died with the prophetic utterances turning into a laughing stock.

Many declarations have been made concerning this year by our men of God but I am waiting earnestly and eagerly for when a prophecy in the order of Elisha in 2nd Kings 7 that :

“Hear the word of the Lord, Thus says the Lord, Tomorrow about this time, a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel at the gate of Samaria “(NKJV).

This happened in the period of famine in Samaria and exactly at the appointed time,the prophecy became a reality.

No doubt about it,the period of recession is a period of famine and economic meltdown. I am waiting for a prophet or a man of God that will declare when recession will ebb or will be over totally.


What Nigerians need now at this moment is declarations that will be made and fulfilled at the appointed time about when a bag of rice will be sold for as low as #3000 in Nigeria not declarations about seeing many marriages,whether there is declarations about marriages taken place or not,people will get married because in the past nobody made prophetic declarations before our fathers and mothers were married.No part of the scripture chronicled that prophecy is needed for someone to get married.

Prophecies about when we shall get a President that will do the right thing for the masses is what we need not prophecies about when a leader will die and who will defeat a President at the next election, just like one prophet I know around Ojodu axis in Lagos that told his worshippers that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win 2015 general Presidential Election but the reality is before us now,we all know that we have swindlers and con men parading themselves as men of God.

Not quite long ago,in the course of 2016, one of our so called prophets also prophesy that Hillary Clinton would win American Presidential Election but we all witnessed how Donald Trump trumped Hillary Clinton hilariously during the election.

Early last year,there was a prophecy that there will be an outbreak of another new sexually transmitted diseases but this is 2017 we are all waiting for the outcome of the prophecy.If you think it is Ebola or Zika Virus,do your research and Google will tell you when these diseases were discovered.

I am less concerned about our men of God making declarations about what they feel. On the day of judgment, we shall all be accountable for our stewardship.

I am pained and bothered about Christians that have made a god of their spiritual heads and lords. They would say, “Papa says this… Mama says that… Bishop says that… My Pastor told me I will…”

If you are lazy in going in a long way to have personal encounter with God, you will be fooled and swindled forever with you being misled and ended up in hell fire.Laziness and gullibility have made people to worship and believed their pastors more than their creator.Most present day prophecies are at their best guess work based on permutations, predictions and probability.


Imagine a church having one thousand women in attendance and the Pastor says ten of them will be blessed with Children within the next twelve months and they all shouted “AMEN “.This is high level of gullibility in display.

Nowadays,critical thinking, personal analysis and deep truthful personal appraisal have been replaced,substituted and mortgaged totally with “thus says the Lord”…

Mind you,God wants children that are responsible not children that will be a burden and a deviation to what redemption stand for in all ramification.

The part of the covenant of God has been played and fulfilled by God,it is now left for you to do your part of the covenant.

Be a responsible christian not the one that runs from one altar to another seeking solutions, meanwhile all the provisions we look for from one prayer mountain to another have been provided by God at creation,it is now left for you to know how to get hold of what belong to you in redemption.

No prophetic declaration and utterances should replace what is resident on the pages of your bible.The prophecies needed by you from the beginning of the world to the end is lying unattended to on the pages of your bible.If you read it well this year,you will live well this year with God giving you your personal prophecy.

May God bless our generation with prophets of old—MOSES,ELIJAH,ELISHA and host of others that are chronicled on the pages of the scripture.

May we not be a victim of fake and demonic prophetic utterances and declarations in JESUS NAME.



1.submission by Mr.Fadeyi Ayoade Samuel 2.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/prophecy


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  • This article is really spot on, clearly shows the reality of our nation, we get so focused on religion rather than building a close relationship with God. some even go to the extent of making men of God idols.

    • We are deeply in the centre of an age whereby we claimed to be knowledgeable with endless mouthing of our sojourn on the corridor of academics but in reality and in practicality,we have nothing to show for our knowledge base but we display the depth of foolishness that occupied the walls of our mind.
      May GOD open our eyes of understanding.