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West Ham vs Man Utd [Premier League Round 20]

West Ham vs Manchester United
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Premier League: West Ham 0-2 Man U

Live broadcasting started on 02/01/2017 17:07 and was finished on 02/01/2017 19:08

  • 18:49 pm
    77' Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) connected with a pass around the edge of the box, aimed and shot. His attempt went towards the bottom right corner, but Darren Randolph was alert and the score remained the same.
  • 18:49 pm
    76' The ball is cleared after Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) attempted to dribble past an opposing player.
  • 18:48 pm
    75' YELLOW CARD: The game is interrupted. Antonio Valencia (Manchester United) is given a yellow card. He has to be more careful now.
  • 18:48 pm
    74' Paul Pogba (Manchester United) collects a pass on the edge of the box but he slips the ball just wide of the right post. The ball goes out of play and West Ham will have a goal kick.
  • 18:47 pm
    73' Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) sends in a pass which fails to reach any of his teammates. The ball goes out of play and Manchester United will have a goal kick.
  • 18:45 pm
    71' Andrew Carroll (West Ham) picks up a long through ball, but David de Gea deserves praise for a brilliant reaction and interception.
  • 18:45 pm
    69' SUBSTITUTION: Slaven Bilic has decided to make a change. Andrew Carroll (West Ham) replaces Dimitri Payet.
  • 18:44 pm
    STATS: Possession
    West Ham 34%-66% Manchester Utd
  • 18:44 pm
    STATS: Goal Attempts
    West Ham 9-6 Manchester Utd
  • 18:43 pm
    Should this match end with the current scoreline, Man United will equal Tottenham on points garnered. With an inferior goals differential Man U will maintain their sixth position in the log. Spurs still have a game in hand though.
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