The sacrilege,desecration and obscenities obtainable,displayed and exhibited in the annals and corridors of every religious sphere and circle is synonymous in peculiarities with people that are opportuned to be ordained, referenced and titled to be the main custodian and stakeholder of the tenet and creed of our religious and cultural values.They have been known to be culpable of desecrating the sanctity,dignity and holiness expected from the base and centre of our trado-cultural religious creed and belief.

Many school of thoughts have been seen to be myopic views by making assertion and submissions that centre around the thought that it is only modern religion that is having its fair share of desecration and abberation.

The clamour for the scrapping of our traditional institutions by some school is thought is justifiable but if it is carried out,large portion of our cultural and religious history will go into extinction.

The recent report chronicled on the pages of many tabloid justifies to a large extent the clamour for the scrapping of our traditional institution,although what is necessary and demanding is a complete overhaul of the totality of our traditional institution.

A situation whereby a popular traditional ruler in the state of Osun was caught and apprehended engaging in swindling innocent people of their hard earned money through “yahoo yahoo” is a shame and disgrace to the entirety of our traditional institution.This is a deviation and abberation to what is expected from our trado-cultural religious cycle which is hold in high esteem by everyone in our society.

Without mincing words,our societal,cultural and traditional values and virtues have been watered-down by the concept of modernism with the assistance of a concept called modern paganism that views every form abberation, ineptness and ineptitudeness in our recent trado-cultural religious sphere as fashionable and what is envogue in our society.


The totality of posterity is predictable without any clairvoyancy in a situation whereby our focus and drive to entrench good parenting has been shifted and replaced with extreme inordinate quest for money and materialism. A situation whereby many parents in this generation assume the position of parenting without any adequate preparation. Many parents in this generation are victims of circumstances that acted on the spur of the moment by being attracted to the parenting profession without any knowledge about what it entails to be a good parents with no inkling of how a responsible ward can be raised.A parent that failed in completing the necessary domestic and elementary training will end up raising up children that will end up in criminality at the end and they will end up becoming a burden to the entire society at large.The viscious cycle of bad or improper parenting keeps soaring to high heaven and the generality of the society kept bearing the brunch of the effect of this.

It is not surprising that a king is arrested for engaging in illegal and dubious activities in his palace because there is a lacuna,gulf and a disconnect in what is expected as a prerequisites for qualifying to be enthroned as a king in olden days with what we have now.

The original concrete traditional procedural process has been subjected to review and censored to suit that satisfaction of people that have no value for dignity and integrity. The concept of modernism,civilization,westernization with neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism having a space at the base.

Once the kigmakers are tipped and bribed with money, materials and mundaness,the enthronement will be mortgaged for the highest bidder without no reference to the effect of this abberation on our traditional institutions.


As long as our traditional institutional procedures and values are left to ( controlled by usurpers and marauders with people of dubious character having a free day in making decisions as per the choice of the would be reigning king,our traditional institutions will continue to be an oasis of illegality with desecration and abberation of traditional and cultural -religious values being replaced with jamborees and funfare.

Uncontrolled quest for money,materialism and mudaness will entrenched impunities and impurities into the fabrics of our traditional sanctuaries and religio-cultural alters with sacrifices of deception being offered to gods in our shrines.

Let’s all hand be on deck to salvage our traditional institutions from turning into an oasis of abberation and desecration with people of other tribe making our values a laughing stock.We must protect our traditional history and legacies by channelling proper means of enthronement by which a square peg will be put into a square hole.

God bless Yorubaland!

God bless Nigeria!

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