As the news filtered and engulfed social media platforms yesterday, it simply confirmed how deeply corruption is systemic and endemic in Nigeria.How can such a corrupt act be grounded in our country for so long?

It was a mix feeling for me yesterday seeing and hearing about fifty thousand ghost workers were discovered on the payroll of Nigerian government yesterday. It was a mixed feelings because I was amazed,dazed and appalled.It was a trio mixed feeling.

Though some school of thoughts give kudos and applause to President Buhari’s efforts towards curtailing corruption in Nigeria.No one could denied the effect of his effort in flushing out corruption and it’s influence on the Nigeria society but with this victory and discovery,my mind is left with many questions and query that centre around this national embarrassment that all Nigerians are expected to bow down their heads in shame and reproach that such impunity is having a free day in the confines of our national existence for a long period of time.

How on earth could fifty thousand ghost salaries be paid out from our national treasury on a monthly basis without anybody raising an eye brow against this illicit act and an illegal endeavour.

How can the cabal and bukaneer of this racketterring be allowed to be in existence until fifty thousand ghost workers have their manifest on our national payroll.

Discovery is not the end but it should be a means to an end.Panel of enquiries should be set up to investigate the marauders that perpetrated and orchestrated this sabotage against the finances of our great country with the investigation coming to an halt with prosecutions that will make heads of the perpetrators to roll.


There is an urgent need for every arm of government to fashion out means by which resourcefulness of Information Technology can be used to get the biodatas of all bonafide employees on their payroll with frequent review exercise being carried out in order to trace and flush out marauders and their cabals from the system.

No doubt about it,without being parsimonious and frugal with words,corruption has been institutionalised into the fabrics of Nigerian society. Corruption is truly systemic and endemic in our society. It can never tantamount to extremism that our dear country has been prospering and flourishing on the proceeds of corruption all year long with little or no effort to nip it in the bud by previous or past administration, all we had had been lip services being paid to the anti-graft war which a particular leader of our nation who doubled as the inintitor of Economic and Financial Crime Commission engaged the commission to foister personal and political vendetta against his perceived enemies and antagonists.

Our nation needs a national rebirth that will discourage the extreme inordinate quest for materialism and aggrandisement that is pushing the whole country to the verge and brink of collapse through corruption and all forms of corrupt acts.

The time to nip corruption in the bud is now.It should not be postponed,it should be tackled now with its grip on the fabrics of our society being destroyed without any delay.

Delay may be dangerous.

Delay might deny posterity the beauty of a glorious destiny.

Let’s join hands in one accord to stamp any trace of corruption out of our society.It is an ill wind that will blow no one no good but a blur and a bleak future.


The step needed is for our society to reduce and discourage the worship of materials and money.This message should be taught and learnt by all because the essence of life is not in accumulation but in distribution.

God bless Nigeria.

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