Instabilities  of multifaceted dimensions and diverse forms has been known and chronicled to have pummelled the course of humanity from time immemorial which have contributed a great deal in undermining the development of many nations and tribe with unquantified losses recorded in time past.

“Among the ten major causes of political instability is holding on to power for too long by heads of states”-a country can be easily plunged into political instability when the head of state decides not to step down from power when his or her term is up.  So many countries in Africa and Asia have experienced political instabilities as a result of this.A good example of a country presently experiencing political instability as a result of this factor is syria”—www.hosbeg.com

It can be seen in the aforementioned context above that Africa continent and Asia were mentioned as the part of the world that has been bedevilled by political instability that is rooted in self-centeredness of many of our political leaders and gladiators by holding on indefinitely to power.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is one of the African leader that has turn the seat of power to his personal property and the leadership of this southern African Country has been in accordance to his prerogative. Mumman Gaddafi and a host of others in the continent of Africa has been culpable of this crime in the continent of Africa.

Recently the Gambia as a country has its own share of this inhumanity that is widely popular in African continent. After being in power for up to five terms,it is quite appalling and paleolithic for President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia refusing to concede defeat at the poll after accepting defeat initially.


This refusal has been the genesis of political instabilities in many parts of the world as it was mentioned above. Syria,South Sudan and many countries in the world are on the verge of collapse because of instabilities.

Political instability have been the bane of development in Africa and the entire continent is being tossed around with the effect of instabilities in the form of hunger,famine,pestilinence,war, poverty and all round economic woes and misfortunes.

It is quite coincidental that as nations like Nigeria is having her share of political instability, nations that are not massive in population to the tune of a state in Nigeria can be on the verge of having their own share of the evil political instability offers.

Many school of thought have premised their submission for Nigeria to break but it can be seen clearly that massive population with wide tribal division can never be the rationale behind political instability, if it is the reason,South Sudan and Gambia will not be affected now.

The popular problem being faced in Africa is the dearth and the inability of our political class to offer good governance and good leadership that is centred around protection of the interest of their followers and subordinates. The challenges being faced by African will be continous until those occupying our corridor of power are ready to offer selfless and sacrificial form of leadership that has its nucleus in self-respect and mutual understanding based on reciprocity.

It is pertinent for everyone on the continent of Africa to fashion out ways by which the ideology of good leadership will be entrenched into the fabrics of our society with focus on selflessness and the protection of human dignity devoid of bias and division.


No doubt about it politics is a game but the game of politics should be played in a manner whereby the development of our continent will be the focus of any form of leadership. Every stratum of our society should institutionalised systemically to foister the planting of the benefits of good leadership with the desire to maximise the resources inherent in it for the benefit of the larger society.

It is until when the concept of good leadership is adhered to as a tool of servant -hood and not a tool for profiting,personal aggrandisement, oppression and subjudigation, that the continent of Africa will be free from under -development that is holding the entire black nation down from having an edge in the comity of nations.

What is lacking is good leadership, lets endeavour to entrench good leadership in our systemic and cultural values as a norm,ethics and ethos that will be learned and practiced by all.

Godbless my motherland!!

God bless the continent of Africa!

Godbless Nigeria.

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