It has become a necessity for the world to build an egalitarian society that will accommodate the basic needs of all inhabitants with efforts geared towards protecting the inhabitants of the world by making necessary provision that will oil the wheel of unity needed for all human to live together in peace without any rancour and yearnings that boils down to complaints about segregation,secession and annihilation.

No doubt about it,the yearnings of every human in the world need urgent attention that will proffer solutions to the marginalisation of some part of the world.The imbalance obtainable in the annals of our society can be seen with many people being classified as extremely rich while the majority of the world population are classified as extremely poor.

This imbalance is a denial and a deceit of what could birth the establishment of an egalitarian society.The necessity for an egalitarian society can no longer be delayed or denied except if the world prefers it’s inhabitants to be consumed by wars,famine and hunger as it is been seen in some parts of the world whereby restiveness has become the order of the day for decades and forlon years.

It is necessary and urgent for inhabitants of world to look beyond weaknesses of humanity but concentrate on the strength and energy of all humans that can be maximized in fashioning out the modus operandi necessary for the establishment of an egalitarian society.

An egalitarian society is impossible where tribal and ethnic division is ripe with religious fanatiscism and bigotry reigning supreme in the strata of the society.


A society that accommodates the weakness and the strength of all its society without any form of annihilation along tribal,ethnic and religious divides will end up emerging as an egalitarian society once the concept of fundamental human rights,rule of law and the creeds of injustice to one is an injustice to all is being preached as homily and sermon with efforts in making all the inhabitants of such society to practice is as a creed and a culture.

Our world will never no peace until necessary efforts are geared towards building an egalitarian society that accommodate and gives equal opportunities to its inhabitants without any form of denial that centre around obliteration.

An egalitarian society will provide avenues and channels that will encourage the voice of all its inhabitants to heard and attended to.  Freedom of expression and speech is another necessity that is needed in building a society that has egalitarianism at its core.

A class-less society that is established on equality will trigger the establishment of an egalitarian society that has provisions for the demand and yearnings of all its inhabitants. Class can be viewed to be one of the source of conflicts and confusion that is pummelling our world at this moment. Class mentality makes others to be less human and it fires the amber of oppression which can end up resulting into rebellion.

Marginalisation triggers militancy and it also birthed the struggle for secession but the only antidote to the concept of marginalisation is equality in words and in deeds.

Our world needs the establishment of an egalitarian society.

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