Tackling insurgency


Without mincing words,insurgency has delve a great blow on the fabrics of the Nigerian society in recent times resulting into wanton destruction of life and property with economy of our dear country nose-diving into recession and no one knows when the parts of our country being affected will breathe a sigh of relief from the grip of this hydra-headed monster spear-headed and perpetrated by the dreaded Islamic Sect known as Boko Haram.

No doubt about it,Islam as a religion has been in the eye of the storm and it has been argued on many fronts as a religion of peace.

Many steps have been taken by previous administration to curtail the spread of insurgency which has proven abortive but the victory recorder recently by Nigeria Army destroying camp zero in the Sambisa forest known to be the tactical and the command base of the dreaded Sect needs to be appraised and applauded.

More salient questions need to be asked concerning the genuineness of this victory aired by all media with the relaying of the victory speech given by President Muhammadu Buhari on the 23rd of December 2016.

It was quite shocking and appalling to hear about a failed suicide bombing in a cattle market in Maiduguri few days after camp zero was crushed. Though it was a failed suicide attempt with the perpetrator paying dearly for this dastardly heinous crime, this incidence is a pointer to the fact that more still need to be done for insurgency to be a thing of the past.

There is a necessity for all security operatives to be proactive to curtail the new form of tactics that might be applied by the remnants of insurgents that escaped from the military onslaughts of the insurgents in camp zero.


One of the tactics that might be strongly maximized by these remnants is the application of pockets of suicide bombing.Our security operatives should expect more of this in recent times and the general public should be sensitized about this likely strategy.

With the spate of insurgency in recent times with the increase in the occurrence of suicide bombing by female suicide bombers, there is an urgent need for bills and laws that will make the usage of veil and hijab in the north eastern Nigeria prohibited should be passed now, if not permanent it can be temporary until the spate of insurgency subsides with its accompany remnants in the North eastern Nigeria.

No religion should allow miscreants and criminals to apply any of its creeds and tenets to be used for the promotion of wanton destruction of lifes and properties because religions are designed to serve as a tool for the betterment of humans not for destructions.

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