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MANU vs ARS [Premier League Week 12]

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Premier League: Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal

Live broadcasting started on 18/11/2016 19:32 and was finished on 19/11/2016 15:00

  • 12:59 pm
    28' Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) sends a long ball forward to Aaron Ramsey, but he put too much power and the chance is gone.
  • 12:57 pm
    26' Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal) attempts to send over a cross in order to find one of his teammates, but an opposition defender averts the danger by intercepting the effort.
  • 12:57 pm
    25' Mohamed Elneny (Arsenal) works the free kick short.
  • 12:57 pm
    25' Matteo Darmian (Manchester United) takes his opponent down and receives a yellow card from the referee.
  • 12:55 pm
    24' A rebounded ball lands on the feet of Francis Coquelin (Arsenal) who unleashes a shot from long range towards the goal. However, his effort is poor and it flies high over the crossbar.
  • 12:52 pm
    22' Manchester United seem to be finding their feet as they enjoy some possession. They are waiting for the right moment to create new attacking opportunities.
  • 12:50 pm
    19' Paul Pogba (Manchester United) was standing in an offside position, making it an easy call for the assistant referee - it was clear offside.
  • 12:49 pm
    17' Mata (Manchester United) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates.
  • 12:48 pm
    17' Andre Marriner shows a yellow card to Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) for his blatant foul.
  • 12:47 pm
    It's a yellow card for Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal).
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