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SUN vs ARS [Premier League] Week 10

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Premier League: Sunderland 1-4 Arsenal

Live broadcasting started on 29/10/2016 11:04 and was finished on 19/11/2016 15:00

  • 13:05 pm
    76' GOAL

    Goal! Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) finds the back of the net with a good effort.
  • 13:05 pm
    Mesut Ozil (Arsenal) takes the resulting free kick from the edge of the box, but it was blocked by the players standing in the wall, saving the goalkeeper lot of effort. The assistant referee makes a right call and Arsenal will have a corner.
  • 13:04 pm
    The ref has a clear vision and sees a foul from Adnan Januzaj (Sunderland). Arsenal have a free kick from a promising distance.
  • 13:03 pm
    Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal) attempts to find some of his teammates with a dangerous pass from the edge of the box. The opponent's defence, however, intercepts the effort and clears the ball to safety. The ball is out-of-play and Arsenal manage to earn a corner.
  • 13:02 pm
    One of the players from Sunderland times his run too early, and the referee blows his whistle for offside.
  • 13:02 pm
    Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) meets a perfect cross from Kieran Gibbs deep inside the box and controls it with a nice first touch. He produces an accurate strike, putting the ball inside the right post. The score is 1:2.
  • 13:02 pm
    What an instant reward from Giroud!
  • 13:01 pm
    72' GOAAAAAL

    The ball hits the back of the net and Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) is the one who put it there!
  • 12:59 pm

    David William Moyes has decided to introduce fresh legs, with Adnan Januzaj (Sunderland) replacing Steven Pienaar.
  • 12:59 pm
    Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal) is quickest inside the box and leaps to connect with the resulting set piece. He produces a fine header, but it floats just over the crossbar.
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