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#DSS UPDATE: Justice Ademola implicates Chief Judge of Federal High Court in $550,000 Bribery Scandal

Justice Ibrahim Auta
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Justice Ibrahim Auta, the Chief Justice of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, may well be neck deep in the corruption that led to last weekend’s arrest of some high court judges by the Department of State Security (DSS), SaharaReporters has learnt.

Investigators said Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court in Abuja, in whose home over $550,000 was allegedly found during the raid, has confessed to a deal between him and Chief Judge Auta by which $300,000 of the physical cash found in his bedroom was to have been shared between the two men. He said only $50,000 belonged to him in the deal, indicating that the CJ was awaiting his share when the DSS operatives swooped in on his residence and arrested him on Saturday night. It is unclear to whom the balance of $200,000 would have gone.

Excerpt from Sahara Reporters


There have been mixed reactions so far across the country  as regards the DSS’s invading the homes of several top judges at the early hours on Saturday. The Presidency has cleared the air to opine that the sweeping move was a move against corruption not the judiciary. The Senate on their part have condemned the action by the DSS but have not taken any proactive measure to call the country’s secret service to order. Among common Nigerians, some have seen the move as a welcome development that will forestall sanity for once in the Judiciary, the third tier of government, which have generally been seen as corrupt and highly influential in the manipulation of court rulings in the country.

My take on the matter is this. If the DSS were to carry out a similar action on the homes of other top serving government officials, the president inclusive, won’t monies in millions of dollars be found? Before we start celebrating the so called new era of cleansing of the Judiciary, we first need to be slow to rush to conclusions. We need to stay on top of the unfolding stories to see if this move by the DSS is targeted at any specific person or persons that are political enemies to the sitting government. For once, we want to see a government that is no-nonsense to corruption regardless of political affiliations or sentiments. Nevertheless, no president in our history has made such a drastic move against the judiciary as Buhari has just done.  I think this is a bold statement, and will send shivers down the spine of judges and other law professionals in the country. It is very important that our judiciary is free from corruption, because they are the last hope for the the common Nigerians. Any country without a just Judiciary is a lawless state.

Having said all these, do you think it is right for the DSS to break into the homes of Justices as early as 1am, and search their homes in name of investigation, and then arrest them? How about Governor Wike’s action against the DSS, to stop them for searching the home and arresting of a Judge in Rivers State?

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  • There is nothing wrong in the DSS invading their homes at that hour, if their hands are clean the time they come should not matter. My issue now is that hope the government is actually fighting corruption generally and not doing this to witch hunt a member of an opposing party.

    Wike is another kettle of fish, why is he so passionate about the judges….or he don bribe them before, because the way he carry their matter for head no be here o…lol