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BREAKING: Donald Trump paid no tax for 20 Years

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Australian daily compact newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, revealed this morning, details that could uncover the mysteries surrounding the tax records of American Republican Party Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

Before now,  Donald Trump had failed to release records of his tax returns despite numerous calls for him to do what was customary of all United States presidential candidates.

SMH’s own Paul McGeough writes,

US taxman gave the Republican presidential candidate a truly remarkable gift – a deduction so massive that he quite likely paid no federal income tax for almost 20 years.

It can reasonably be rounded to $US1 billion. The actual amount was $US916 million. And on the basis of three key pages extracted from Trump’s 1995 tax papers and mysteriously mailed to The New York Times, tax experts estimate that the deduction would have amounted to a free pass for Trump’s huge income for maybe 18 years.

All American political candidates dread the euphemistic “October surprise” – a grenade that comes from out of left-field, packing enough political power to derail their campaign. The New York Timeswent live with its tax bonanza story late in the evening on Saturday, October 1 – so indeed it qualifies as an early October surprise for the GOP candidate.


Certainly, this “October surprise” won’t augur well for the GOP candidate, especially as he prepares to take on Senator Hillary Clinton on three more debates before the November election. He will definitely get a pounding, especially as Hillary will now be seen as being vindicated when she brought up the tax return issue in the first debate.  Trump’s ratings have fallen since he was said to have lost the first of three debates. With this latest news, I’m sure there will be lots of celebration in Clinton’s camp. If her deleted email debacle did not hurt her enough, nothing else can be as bad as this new revelation, of course, unless Hillary Clinton is caught on a Monica Lewinsky act with Donald Trump himself.

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This news piece is definitely not Nigerian, but, we Nigerians are as interested in the American Presidential election just as we are bothered about the current economic recession. Just for  kicks, what’s your take on this? Kick it or leave it!


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  • For me it is okay for Nigerians to be concerned about what happens in America but we should not be over do it at the expense of our own issues.

    For me Trump winning will be a disaster for America. The man has weird opinions. How will he be able to enforce payment of tax with this kind of record….lol

    • We, as Nigerians, need to have a world view. We need to know what is going on around us especially as the world is a global village.
      Back to the main subject, Trump is a unique candidate. It won't be business as usual when he becomes president. As a business person it is okay to be smart. Businessmen are always motivated to make profits and find loopholes. The are in it to win. Should he become president, he will be smart for the American people.