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Wife of Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor Abducted

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Reports of kidnaps are expected to increase especially as Nigeria’s economy remain in recession. No wonder there were reports in the national dailies that governors and top politicians in the country are spending a lot of money to buy bullet proof cars, probably because they expect to be major targets. As the rate of employment deepens, and critical times makes it harder for Nigerians to cope, we should expect that many youths will start to engage in crimes as a survival measure.

Just today, Premium Times reported that the wife of the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Margaret Emefiele, was one of about six people abducted by gunmen on Thursday, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

A family source told the newspaper late Friday that efforts were in progress to secure her release, as well as others, as soon possible.

Meanwhile, Sahara Reporters also reported on Friday evening that Mrs. Emefiele was kidnapped along Benin-Agbor Road on Thursday after being chased by the gunmen.

Rumors have it, that her abductors have demanded a ransom of N1.5 billion from her family.

Spotkik asks, Is there a hiding place for our politicians and their families during this recession?

What’s your kik?

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  • My Kik is that, the politicians definitely have no hiding place, it is better the FG think fast and find a way to bring this nation out of recession, because at the moment the level of poverty is increasing at a fast rate, people are going hungry, its sad.