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Nigeria’s current economic policy best ever!

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Well, who else can be responsible for the above caption, but the president himself?

According to one of Nigeria’s dailies, Daily Post, the presidency on Friday responded to those criticizing the economic policy of the Buhari-led administration as unclear and without direction, insisting that the current administration actually has the most-focused economic policy Nigeria ever had.

The economic policy of the current administration has been criticized my many Nigerians, some of who see it as directionless and unclear, even calling for the sack of some policy makers in the administration.

But in a statement on Friday, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu asserted that “more than any other time before, there is a clear direction and strategy for achieving growth and development” by this administration.

The blame game continues. This is one of the hottest debates in the nation today. Who is responsible for Nigeria’s current economic woes — President Buhari, or former President, Goodluck Jonathan?

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